meteorologia ponta delgada
Meteorologia ponta delgada

Ponta delgada Weather

Just like the archipelago of the Azores, Ponta Delgada , has a mild maritime climate, watching the low temperature range, with annual average temperatures range between 14 and 25 degrees centigrade.

The precipitation is distributed regularly throughout the year, although it is more abundant in winter.

The weather Ponta Delgada is characteristic not only of the city but also from all over the archipelago.

The truth is that here there is a wide variety of weather conditions happening in a short time, the same day the tourists visiting Ponta Delgada can have sun, heavy rain and wind, interleaved or at the same time .

It is often said that in the Azores and Ponta Delgada who do not like the weather can wait a few minutes that quickly it changes!

The different climate of the island is a real draw for tourists! Many say it is the weather, inconstant, Ponta Delgada which further highlights the beauty of natural landscapes.

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If you are seeking the perfect mix between nature, modernity, culture and history, Ponta Delgada is the city that will want to know.