Restaurants ponta delgada

Restaurantes ponta delgada
Restaurantes ponta delgada

Restaurants in ponta delgada

You will not have much trouble to finding restaurants Ponta Delgada.

Try gastronomy of San Miguel and Ponta Delgada, to enjoy gastronomic tourism in a different holidaya that certainly you never gonna forget.

The dishes of different types of fish abound in the gastronomy of Ponta Delgada, but always with a common characteristic, freshness.
The meat derived from cattle raised on pasture is tender and tasty.

The level of entries, the famous “Pepper land” is “Queen! Une to fresh cheese to the hot chilli of the region.

As for sweets, the lêvedo cake originating from Furnas, is the most famous and can occur at any meal.

A very typical dish of San Miguel Island is also the Cozido das Furnas .

The cooking of the ingredients takes about five hours because the pots that protect the cooked meats and vegetables are bagged and buried in geothermal ground.

São Miguel also has a tradition of cultivating exotic fruits like pineapple, custard apple, the guava and passion fruit, which are eaten fresh or used in the production of liquor.

The pineapple greenhouses, scattered areas of Faja de Baixo, Lagoa and Vila Franca do Campo, maintain ancestral practices and can be discovered on guided tours.