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  • 城市招聘

    量化基金管理公司Dynamic Technology Lab 2016校園招聘


    i. Job Openings

    Quantitative Researcher

    Job description:

    The quantitative researchers design and backtest trading models, which form the most important elements in the final trading strategies. They work in groups or independently, depending on the projects and/or the researchers" preference. Creativity and innovation are what we are looking for in this position.


    • Recent Master/PhD from a science, engineering, or related field. Bachelors with exceptional performance will also be considered;

    • Solid background in mathematics;

    • Strong programming skills;

    • Strong problem solving and quantitative skills;

    • Possess the desire and will to learn complicated topics, to solve difficult problems, and to handle tedious tasks carefully;

    The following skills are bonus in recruitment and are required before on board:
    • Comfortable with Linux/Unix;

    • Familiar with at least one scripting language, e.g. python, awk, etc.;

    Front Desk Quantitative Developer

    Job description

    The front desk quant developers maintain our trading/research capabilities in global markets and innovate how we do them.

    Typical responsibilities include:

    • Optimizing the performance of various components of the trading system;

    • Maintaining, enhancing backtest simulator;

    • Exploring big-data infrastructure for research;

    • Execution algorithms research;

    • High frequency strategy research;


    • Expert programming skills in some well known language, along with knowledge on computer system, e.g. networking, threading, etc.;

    • Ability to write sizable applications and manage complexity;

    • Effective communicator and decision maker;

    • Linux experience;

    The following skills are bonus:
    • Familiar with Linux kernel;

    • Experience with hardware development, e.g. NIC, video card etc.;

    • System administration experience;


    ii. How to apply

    Please send your resume to careers@dytechlab.com, indicating your preferred position, name, school and expected graduation date in the email"s title.


    iii. 公司簡介

    Dynamic Technology Lab (http://www.dytechlab.com,以下簡稱DTL) 是一家位于新加坡的致力于全球金融市場的量化投資公司。作為注冊于新加坡金管局下的Registered Fund Management Company (RFMC),公司多年來管理的資金規模穩步增長,并始終為投資人提供持續可觀的絕對回報。目前公司每天在全球交易總額超過四億美元。



    • 公益巡講日程安排
    • 更多巡講信息
    • 指導內容:
    • 公益講座邀請熱線:010--6220 5506
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