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  • 城市招聘




    We are currently seeking candidates for the positions posted below, and look forward to receiving applications from qualified candidates.

    Local Staff Position Vacancies for the 2015-2016 Academic Year

    • Communications and/or Records Officer (immediate start, competancy in technology required)
    • Admissions Officer (immediate start)
    • Marketing and Admissions Manager (immediate start, extensive marketing experience required)

    Teaching Position Vacancies for the 2016-2017 Academic Year:

    Elementary School

    • Grade 5 Classroom Teacher (PYP)
    • Grades 2 or 3 Classroom Teacher (PYP)
    • K5 PYP Classroom Teacher (PYP)
    • PreK3-4 Classroom Teacher (PYP)
    • Art Teacher (PYP)

    Secondary School

    • ESOL Teacher 
    • Art Teacher (MYP and DP Visual Arts)
    • MYP Science/DP Biology Teacher
    • MYP Science/DP Chemistry Teacher
    • MYP/DP Korean Language and Literature Teacher

    Language Teacher Vacancies with the Chaoyang English Project — Partnership between BISS and the Beijing Chaoyang District Education Committee

    Positions that were previously advertised but are now not listed above have been filled. Thank you to all applicants for your interest, and we wish you the best for your job search.

    Application Procedures (Follow instructions exactly to ensure your application is considered)

    1. Peruse our website to familiarise yourself with BISS and consider the requirements of the position carefully.

    2. If you are qualified and fit our desired candidate profile, please complete the online application form via this link for teaching at BISS and local staff applicants (CEP English Langauge Teachers do NOT use this link - please see #3 below):

         http://fs7.formsite.com/biss/form2/index.html ***

    ***Some users have reported technical difficulties with our online system, so until our IT dept have fixed it, please e-mail your application directly to Ms Ying Xu, PA to the Head of School at YXu@biss.com.cn.

    Please be prepared to upload the following (required):

    • a cover letter (maximum 2 pages)
    • a CV (complete with a passport-sized photo and contact details of three referees, one of whom is currently your direct supervisor).


    • Your qualifictions and a police check will be required at a later date, so no need to attach scans now. 
    • Emailed applications will not be accepted.  
    • You will receive an acknowledgement email upon succesful submition of your application with further information about being notified if you are selected for a long or shortlist. 

    3. For Language Teacher or Trainer positions with the Chaoyang English Project, please use this dedicated link: 


    • 公益巡講日程安排
    • 更多巡講信息
    • 指導內容:
    • 公益講座邀請熱線:010--6220 5506
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