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  • 城市招聘


    Position Availability: 1st May 2015 onwards

    Remuneration: S$3,800 to S$4,500 monthly depending on experience and qualification

    Job Scope: The research engineer will be in charge of implementing real systems that are based on the research results of the SeSaMe Research Center. Current system implementation in the SeSaMe research center includes:

    1. Genie & Lamp: Generic Inverted Index and the Semi-Lazy Mining Paradigm for Predictive Analytics

    2. Readpeer: A System for Social Book Annotation (readpeer.com)

    3. Trendspedia: A System for Visualizing and Sharing Trends on the Internet(trendspedia.com)

    4. Augmented Reality for Shop/Library(http://shopbyar.com/ARShop/)

    Candidate should be a prolific programmer with strong interest in system programming. He/she should be familiar with both frond-end and back-end web system development. Knowledge in HTML5, Javascipt, Nvidia CUDA, Lucene, Drupal, MySQL/MongoDB or iOS/Android/Windows apps development is a plus. Practical experience in one or more of the following Computer Science area will be preferred:

    1. Computer Vision

    2. Database

    3. Data Analytics

    4. Social Media

    We also welcome candidates who want to do part time graduate degree in SOC. Interested candidate can mail you transcript and CV to atung@comp.nus.edu.sg. Positions are available until taken.

    About SeSaMe(Sensor-enhanced Social Media)

    To read more about the SeSaMe Centre, kindly visit http://sesame.comp.nus.edu.sg 

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