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  • 城市招聘



    Jack M. Corgan founded our firm in 1938 as one of the first ten individuals to pass the newly implemented state licensing exam for architecture. Early projects consisted of hundreds of movie theaters and drive-ins across the southwest. Today, Corgan has expanded across the U.S. and has offices in the Middle East and China. Practice areas include aviation, education, corporate office, workplace, healthcare and mission critical facilities.

    In the mid-1970s, C. Jack Corgan became president and established the corporate foundation by which the firm continues to grow.  Corgan creates spaces where our clients thrive, honors our promises and obligations, and builds relationships that make us stronger.

    Project Type Aviation

    City Shanghai

    Title Architectural Intern

    Description Corgan seeks a dynamic Architectural Intern to join the firm in the design and build of the world’s largest satellite concourse at Shanghai Pudong to its completion in 2018. Responsibilities include: generating creative solutions for design tasks within the functional parameters of a project; translating concepts and information into images; participating in the process of exploring and completing usable construction document detailing solutions; assisting with contract administration responsibilities.

    Qualified candidates should exhibit strong organizational, conceptual design, and communication skills. A professional degree in Architecture is required, along with 0-5 years of work experience, and Autocad and Revit proficiency. Aviation project experience preferred. Fluency in written and spoken Mandarin and English required.

    Corgan believes in partnering for success, building on our legacy for the future, and providing an excellent product. Corgan’s project sectors include aviation, data centers, educational facilities, corporate office buildings, interiors, and healthcare. Our 90% repeat client business record is a testament to our ability to serve clients in a competent, ethical, and professional manner. Corgan offers a competitive compensation and benefits package that includes employer-paid health insurance. In addition to our excellent environment, philanthropic culture, and numerous awards, we offer the ability to work with the highest level of technical equipment and programs.

    Please send your English resume to : jessy.luo@corgan.cn

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