Ilha de são miguel

ilha de são miguel

Ilha de são miguel

São Miguel is the largest of all the islands of the archipelago and the largest of all the islands of the Portugal territory .

With an area of 746.82 km², measures 64.7 kilometers long and 8-15 km wide, the island of São Miguel has a population of about 131,609 inhabitants.

It is composed by citys of Lagoa, Nordeste,Ponta Delgada , Povoação, Ribeira Grande e Vila Franca do Campo.

To the people of São Miguel we call micaelense.

The island, of volcanic nature and subject to seismic activity, presents a mountainous relief, especially in the interior, dominated by the Pico da Vara being cut by valleys, ravines and streams.

The volcanic origin is present in the type of rocks and land of “biscuit” (produced by corrugated layers of lava) and “mysteries” (by lavas spongy, where proliferating mosses and herbs), typical in the archipelago, and permanent fumaroles-sulfataras as the Valley of Furnas and Ribeira Grande.

The relief formations on the island are further complemented by the presence of so-called “speed bumps” forms of slightly flattened relief – and peaks – landforms relatively sharp.

The island of São Miguel consists of a set of natural landscapes of stunning beauty.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit this island, do not miss the opportunity to visit Ponta Delgada!